Heroes: a need or a caprice?

We’re living in the 21th century in which violence is omnipresent and no one can do anything about it unless you’re a politician. What’s worse we’re hiding the truth from ourselves. We don’t want to see a war that is taking place near us. Not to mention the negative impact that technology has on our lives.

Taking the above into account, I’d like to find out if we need heroes to help us solve the problems or if they would be needless.

For starters, think about  Iron Man (http://marvel.com/characters/29/iron_man) that we humans can relate to. He’s rich genius that created a suit of armour connected to his mind and also the main artificial intelligence system of which headquaters are located in his house. Wearing the armour allows him to do almost anything without super powers, but I’m not sure if we really need Iron Man in our life. I think that without the Avengers (http://marvel.com/characters/68/avengers) he wouldn’t be able to save the world even if it was just another war in which people fight against people – not the one caused by the arrival of gods from Asgard.

On the other hand, his inventions and knowledge could help in the real world to solve the military conflicts that are in progress these days. But it could also cause more problems, even graver than we’re facing now, because his weapons are just like an atomic bomb that kills all the living organisms within its range, not just enemies.

To sum up, I have to say that he’s not the one that could save our world, but he could contribute significantly to its ultimate destruction.

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