Heroes: a need or a caprice? Part 3


So far I’ve written about Iron Man and Spider-Man. I think that now we should have a closer look at a non human hero – Thor (http://marvel.com/characters/60/thor).

He’s an incredibly strong Nordic God with a source of additional power from his hammer. He’s a little confused in the world of men but he doesn’t have bad intentions. With this issue he got help from his human lover. He learns what mankind is like and try to understand them. I think that’s why he decided to fight alongside the Avengers against monsters and his brother Loki from his dimension. He does his best to help protect the world – our world.

If we would have him right here, right now he could help us in battles and try to restore law and order but I think that he wouldn’t do well because of his anger and temper. In my view, he would definitely be a caprice in 21th Century world but his presence in our world would prove that there is more than one God. I guess we will never find out.

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